Australia’s regulatory body to conduct “targeted review” of Binance Australia’s derivatives unit |…

By akohad Feb25,2023


Crypto Regulation, DAO Wars, DeFi Sagas, Bitcoin Supremacy, and Digital Avatars, all here with market updates and a meme.

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  • On Thursday, Binance revealed that it had incorrectly tagged 500 Australian users as “wholesale investors,”
  • Trading in crypto futures is only restricted to institutional and high-volume investors on the Binance platform in Australia. Keep Reading »
  • Over 2,000 crypto private keys have been stolen due to a security flaw at Edge Wallet.
  • Around 2000 private keys were exposed by the vulnerability by being sent to Edge infrastructure because keys were visible on the Edge logs server. Keep Reading »

  • In the Insider Trading Case, the SEC is suspected of manipulative overreach.
  • According to the US securities commission, a former Coinbase product manager was charged with insider trading on July 21, 2022.
  • The lawsuit incorrectly classified a number of crypto assets as securities, according to the cryptocurrency trade association Chamber of Digital Commerce. Keep Reading »
  • Following a $9 million hack, DeFi Protocol Platypus will refund at least 63% of user funds.
  • According to the post, the exploit involved three sequential attacks.
  • The first and most serious one drained the protocol’s primary pool of $8.5 million worth of stablecoins Keep Reading »

  • The 2-year Standard plan comes down to $2.99/month.
    The 2-year Plus plan$3.99 /month.
    The 2-year Complete plan$5.29/month.
  • The 1-year Standard plan comes down to $4.49/month.
    The 1-year Plus plan$5.49/month.
    The 1-year Complete Plan$6.79/month.
  • Federal bank regulatory bodies released a joint statement outlining the liquidity risks to banking institutions linked to specific financing sources from entities involved with crypto assets.
  • The statement urges financial institutions to follow current risk management guidelines.
  • It does not develop any new concepts for risk management. Keep Reading »
  • Circle CEO states dollar-pegged “payment stablecoins” should be under the oversight of a banking regulator rather than the SEC.
  • Circle is the issuer of USDC, the second-largest stablecoin. Keep Reading »

We saw the highest of Number of Sales on 31st December which was 18.6K and the Lowest of number of sales was recorded on 2nd January which was 12.9K. This Metric showed an overall Decrease.

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The cryptocurrency market is one of the most volatile markets in the world, with a lot of uncertainty and risk.


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