Asset Tokenization — the industry of the decade, the software you need to do it, and how to get it.

By akohad Feb15,2023


Is asset tokenization the industry that will drive entrepreneurial creativity this decade?
  • After running a business for a decade in the heart of London, Lisa and Jenny went to Hawaii on vacation; they liked it and decided to stay.
  • Both Lisa and Jenny love sailing, so they start a sailing club.
  • They bought a nice sailing boat, and they rented it to people. The business is doing good, and they would love to expand.
  • Instead of getting a loan from the bank, they decide to tokenize their next boat.
  • The new boat costs $1,000,000 US dollars, and it’s projected to earn $200,000 in profits per year for the next ten years. Now, that’s a mind-boggling 20% return and a great investment opportunity.
  • After finalizing the regulatory paperwork, they decided to offer 10,000 LJYC (Lisa and Jenny Yachting Club) tokens to investors worldwide at $100 per token.
  • Each LJYC token corresponds to 0.01% of the tokenized asset and is entitled to an equal share of the profits.
  • Neilsen from Copenhagen likes what he sees and decides to invest $10,000 US dollars in LJYC tokens, so he buys 100 of them. A total of 1% of the supply. And so do many other people. Some bought just a few tokens; some bought 100s. But Lisa and Jenny managed to sell out all their tokens and have the money to buy the boat.
  • A year passed, and the new boat indeed made $200k in profits, so Lisa and Jenny distributed the profits to the holders of the LJYC token, and Neilsen of Copenhagen received his fair share of 1%, equal to $2,000.
  • The following year, Lisa and Jenny decided to buy two more boats and run another investment round.
  • Ten years have passed, and the boat is ready to be sold. Lisa and Jenny liquidate the boat, and the proceeds are distributed to the LJYC token holders through the burning mechanism.
  • And they all lived happily ever after.
  1. They need a website where people can invest their money and mint their LJYC tokens.
  2. They need a smart contract that issues the tokens.
  3. They need to be able to do the KYC of their investors.
  4. They need an “admin panel” to manage things related to their fundraising campaign.
  5. They need to have a way of distributing profits other than manually sending thousands of transactions.
  6. They need an “investor panel” where people who invested in their business can see their balance and earnings and manage their investment.
  7. They need to be able to run multiple investment rounds.
  • A smart contract
  • An operator/admin panel
  • An investor panel
  • A website

The website

So, how does the website work?

  • Caishen smart contract will pull the approved amount of USD from the investors’ wallet to itself;
  • If successful, the Caishen smart contract will mint the specified amount of asset tokens to the investor;
  • Caishen smart contract will transfer the USDT amount it pulled from the investor to the destination address specified by the business entity tokenizing the asset. (Lisa and Jenny from the example above)

Caishen Operator Panel

Caishen Asset Tokenization Platform investor management dashboard.
  • Define investment rounds/series;
  • Define platform operators;
  • List all investment rounds;
  • Look at all investors in a given investment round;
  • Manage the investors;
  • Mark an investor as KYCd;
  • Download investors’ documents for in-house KYC document storage;
  • See investors’ balance;
  • See the investor’s payouts/earnings history;
  • See investors’ email address status;
  • Upload the contracts for investors’ signatures;
  • Mark investors’ contracts as signed and upload their finalized versions;
  • Distribute earnings to all eligible investors;
  • See the earnings distribution history for each investment round.

Earnings distribution

Caishen Asset Tokenization Platform distributes investor earnings in a single transaction.
Caishen Asset Tokenization Platform records all payments made to all investors.

Caishen Investor Panel

  • Token balance;
  • Token status;
  • KYC document upload;
  • Email verification;
  • Contracts;
  • Personal information settings;
  • And transaction history.
Caishen Asset Tokenization Platform — Investor Panel

Caishen Smart Contract

  • Token creation;
  • Token sales;
  • Revenue distribution;
  • Investor KYC;
  • Operator management.
Caishen Asset Tokenization Platform supports multiple investment rounds.

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