3 Reasons Why Bitcoin’s Halving Can’t Be Ignored

By akohad Oct8,2022


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First off, what is a Bitcoin ‘halving’? In simple terms, a ‘halving’ event is when the rewards Bitcoin miners receive after mining new blocks of bitcoin drop by half. This means that Bitcoin is twice as hard to get.

Price Increases Over Time

  • There will be half the supply with the same amount of demand thanks to the halving.
  • Think of it like when a popular shoe comes out and no one can get it without buying it from a reseller for twice the price.

The Price Increases Every 4 Years

  • Bitcoin has a predictable increase in price since the halving occurs 4 years after the last.
  • The last halving was in 2020 the next will be in 2024.

Bitcoin Hits an All-Time High

  • The year/year and a half after a halving Bitcoin has historically always made a new all-time high price.
  • The year following the all-time high is typically a great time to begin buying/DCA (dollar-cost-averaging).
  • This means if you bought Bitcoin today for 19,000 you have a good chance of it being worth more than 70,000 in 2025.

You can navigate buying and selling Cryptocurrency over the long-term with ease you just need to know how.

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