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$1k to $10k crypto challenge week#7: We’re winning!

$1k to $10k crypto challenge week#7: We’re winning!


Tether represent liquidation on the ETH long future. DAI represents the pre-Merge Ethereum put
  • The ATOM 2.0 whitepaper seems to have some weaknesses that are currently discussed inside the Cosmos community. Turns out the proposal wasn’t as genius as I made it out to be. However ATOM turns to behave a little weird price-wise.
  • Polygon and Optimism usually fall significantly when the market dumps.
  • The rest of the the tokens are a smaller part of my portfolio (and some of them are not even available for futures trading).

Another mistake

The L2 thesis

  • L2s will outperform alternative L1s in term
  • L2s will be more valuable and useful than alternative L1s
  • Optimism is a great project whose token doesn’t have much utility at the moment
  • L2s have legitimate business models that can generate revenue
  • Arbitrum is a little superior to Optimism from an investing standpoint in my opinion (that’s why it is important to get the airdrop)
  • ZK-rollup projects will be among the most valuable tokens in crypto in the next 2–3 years

Real-yield protocols

Decentralized Social Media

Exploring ecosystems

  • The Optimism ecosystem is mostly dominated by the projects that dominate the Ethereum ecosystem
  • Arbitrum has a lot of ETH projects as well but there are also some original ones (GMX)
  • Cosmos is a very deep ecosystem that needs a lot of research
  • Cardano has the best technology out of all the blockchains but its ecosystem is lacking innovation and its dapps look/feel weird

Shorting token unlocks

IMX has massive token unlocks next Saturday


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