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You are not mining free Pi: why?!

If you’re familiar with airdrop, you are betting on dozen of tasks and maybe some costs. But you are still not mining your own Pi for free. Any reason?

Pi Network is the real new player in the game: you’ve heard it about many ones, but what sets Pi Network apart from other cryptocurrencies is its mobile-first design, that gives it incredible potential for growth.


Pi is a cryptocurrency built on a decentralized blockchain. It aims to make cryptocurrency accessible to everyone and its unique mining design is one way it’s achieving this goal. Using a trust-based security system, Pi Network’s Stellar Consensus Protocol takes into account factors such as trust, reputation, and social connections to secure the network. This novel approach allows for faster transaction times, lower fees, and greater accessibility.


The Pi Network app is available for both iOS and Android, allowing anyone with a smartphone to start mining Pi coins. Unlike traditional mining methods that require expensive hardware and specialized knowledge, Pi Network allows users to mine Pi coins (see my >142 up today) by simply downloading the app with ridiculous battery requirements and joining a mining pool.


The app notifies it once a day.

You click a button.

You earn real time Pi.

You are done.

This is the first and definitely easiest way to start earning Pi.

Bhere are two easy steps more:


KYC is required to move Pi to mainnet. KYC is not always available, but you can start mining and randomly check for KYC to be accessible. Once you are done, it will take some time for the final validation, but who cares?

In the meantime, you can KYC as well via app for other miners, verifying their docs and giving feedback. It’s a task of just seconds — I’ve already verified 200 miners.


All available in the app: the moment they are released, you can test them and provide your support to the project: these tasks will be rewarded in the future.

If you’re interested in taking advantage of the opportunity to mine Pi coins, simply download the Pi Network app using the referral link https://minepi.com/sciarada75 and start mining. It’s important to note that Pi Network is still in the beta phase, and its potential for it to increase in value over time is definitely amazing.

DYOR, and join!

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