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Will WASM Make Dev Experience 10X Better?

The Benefits of WebAssembly for Cloud Developers: Faster, Safer, and More Portable

What is WASM?

Cofounder of Docker talking about WASM

Advantages of WASM

  1. Fast: Wasm is designed to be a low-level language that is optimized for performance and efficiency. This means that it can handle complex computations faster and with less overhead than traditional web technologies such as JavaScript. This improved performance can greatly improve the experience for developers working on computationally intensive applications, such as real-time audio and video processing, machine learning, and gaming.
  2. Secure: Sandboxed and operating in a deny-by-default where explicit access to individual capabilities is granted. Since it is a sandboxed environment, it can execute code securely without exposing the underlying system to any security risks.
  3. Language Agnostic: One of the biggest advantages of WASM is its flexibility and compatibility. Since Wasm is a low-level language, it can be compiled from a wide range of higher-level languages, such as C, C++, Rust, and even Java. The list of supported languages kept growing.
  4. Portable: With WASM, developers no longer have to singularly optimize software for different operating systems and CPU architectures, as WASM binaries naturally runs across all platforms. This enables improved code reusability, making it easier to maintain and update code, and reducing the need for platform-specific code. Write once, run anywhere.
WASM is language agnostic
WASM is language agnostic. Source: WebAssembly — What it is & Why is it so important. By ARGHYA C

Final Thoughts

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