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Why End to End Security is Important?

Why End to End Security is Important?

As we continue to see more and more innovation in the web3 space, it is important for users, communities and founders alike to understand some of the current issues plaguing the sector. Clearly these are points that should be addressed by anyone building and offering services on web3, so let’s address the key pain points!

Of course smart contracts are an important tool for creating secure and trustworthy digital transactions. However, they can only provide limited protections when it comes to the security of a complete web 3.0 protocol stack.

The majority of the web 3.0 protocols require end-to-end encryption and authentication, which are not addressed by smart contracts alone. Therefore, additional measures must be taken to ensure that these protocols remain secure. Additionally, data stored on decentralized networks needs to be protected from unauthorized access and manipulation. When following best practices, tech architecture run by a protocol should be tested rigorously to test for penetration points, possibility of unauthorized access to running environments and workarounds due to bad code.

As more developers begin to build cutting edge technology solutions with complex distributed ledger and cryptocurrency technologies, it is essential to utilize advanced security measures in order to protect all elements on the networks from malicious actors.

We are sharing our ecosystem tech stack below, to provide a bit more insight of EYEQ DAO team’s commitment to security for our tech stack infrastructure. We plan to continuously improve features, services, and ensure that our users’ safety and data are protected first and foremost.

Let’s build a safer web3 together for everyone!

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