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What Would Happen if We Redistributed All the Bitcoin in the World?

(And Why It’s Not That Simple)

Dang, what’s my share of the Bitcoin supply? (Image from CoinTelegraph)

Bitcoin By The Numbers

Where we get these numbers from. (Image from Buy Bitcoin Worldwide)

Who Gonna Move All That (Digital) Gold?

“How are we gonna move all this Bitcoin?” (Photo from Capital.com)

Finally, the security risks of moving such a large amount of money are significant. The potential for hacking and theft makes such a massive redistribution logistically tricky, if possible at all.

The Implications of Forced (Re)Distribution

While Bitcoin can be split up and distributed, that doesn’t mean it should be. (Image from Captain Altcoin)

Stack Sats, Gift Sats, and Love Sats Instead

Bitcoin = Love and we should consider alternative ways to get people access to this valuable asset. (Image from Bitcoin Magazine)

Instead, we should focus on making Bitcoin more accessible and inclusive while addressing the broader issues of economic inequality and financial empowerment.

With that in mind, it’s important to continue exploring the value and potential of Bitcoin while also being mindful of the challenges that lie ahead.

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