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Utilizing Game-Based and Gamified Learning to Integrate Web3 Into Ledger’s Educational Programs

Examine the pedagogical approaches used in Ledger educational programs — Web3 Best Practices in depth

Since 2018, Ledger’s flagship educational program has been Ledger Academy. Courses, tutorials, and resources on blockchain technology and hardware wallets are included. The content is presented in a step-by-step format that is simple to follow. Resources can be filtered by format (listen, read, or watch) and level (beginner, intermediate, and advanced), allowing students to concentrate on their preferred learning method. The ideal length for educational videos is less than ten minutes for all video tutorials; however, some of the intermediate and advanced videos in their School of Block video series are a little bit longer. In addition, the Academy features a learning management system with capabilities for badges, quizzes, and assessments to ensure that users retain the material. Users of all skill levels, from crypto novices to advanced users, can benefit from Ledger Academy.

Ledger’s cutting-edge crypto education program, Ledger Quest, makes use of data from the Ledger Academy for formative evaluation. With the intention of assisting common users in comprehending and utilizing web3 technology, it combines immersive learning pedagogies that are game-based and gamified. Users of Ledger Quest have access to a platform where they can create and post content that is moderated for accuracy and security. Although I was unable to evaluate the crowdsourced platform, the opportunity to instruct others will really assist students in comprehending and recalling the material because teaching information helps to reinforce its encoding.

Ledgerverse School of Block is the most cutting-edge crypto education program I’ve ever seen. It is based on games. It combines information from the Ledger Academy with game-based and gamified immersive learning pedagogies with the intention of motivating and engaging mainstream users to comprehend and adopt web3 technology.

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