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Unveiling Real Yield from the Derivatives Superpowers

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  • This article compares the real yield of 5 derivatives superpowers. It should be noted that the information provided is based on the current state and is not a prediction of future performance. It is important to continually monitor the development of these protocols as it may impact their real yield in the future.
  • The era of DeFi 1.0 has ended, high APR yield from token emission is not sustainable. Ultimately, it’s all about the business model that protocols will offer. Protocols with actual use cases can generate fee income and retain their user base.
  • Additionally, understanding the fee structure can help investors make more informed decisions about which protocols to invest in and how to allocate their funds. It is important to note that the APR is just one aspect to consider while analyzing the performance of a protocol, the fee source and how it is generated are also key elements to contemplate. It is recommended to conduct thorough research and analysis before making any investments. As the saying goes, “If you don’t know the source of yield, you are the yield” — devboricha.
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General Protocols Comparison
DEX-to-CEX Futures Trade Volume
Fee Sharing Comparison
dYdX Tokenomics
$dYdX vesting schedule
GMX Tokenomics
$GMX Staking APR
SNX Tokenomics
$SNX Staking APR
GNS Tokenomics
$GNS Staking APR
PERP Tokenomics
PERP Staking APR
Staking Comparison

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