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Unlocking the Mind-Bending Potential of Ethereum LSDs

  • fees paid by stakers
  • commissions paid to node operators
  • onboarding and offboarding of oracles and node operators
  • principles of liquidity mining campaigns
  • whitelisting of gauge contracts
  • Insurance Fund payout triggers
  • approval of contract changes for the introduction of new features and more
  • Earn wstETH rewards — Current APR: 82.06%
  • ACID remains liquid
  • Some dust esACID accrues as well. According to the 0xAcid team, this is because the team did not change the staking contract after the governance proposal discussed above passed.
  • The 0xAcid team claims the esACID reward is relatively negligible compared to the emissions from locking, which is accurate, but we cannot help but think of Peter Gibbons, Michael Bolton, and Samir’s penny-shaving scheme from Office Space.
  • Earn esACID rewards — Current APR: 1 Month: 220% — 1 Year: 2415%
  • Vests esACID at a 2:1 ratio over 60 days
  • Hord DEX: Listings aim to include hETH and tokens from the Champion’s Pools and Viking DAO, even during vesting periods
  • Private Pools: Allow hedge funds, VCs, DAOs, and Financial firms to manage their funds on-chain.
  • Champions Pools: Allow anyone to create or follow tokenized investment portfolios
  • Viking DAO: Designed to invest in pools of up to 20 early-stage projects, private sales
  • According to DefiLama, Stafi offers 6.7% APR on ETH staking (2% higher than Lido). Please note that it is important to do your own research to assess how sustainable this rate is.

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