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Ride-hailing App on Blockchain: Riding the Tale of Decentralized Transformation

  • Payment Preferences: Most taxi drivers prefer cash payments, while 50% of customers use pre/postpaid wallets, attracted by the offers.
  • Driver Attrition: Over 40% of taxi drivers have left Ola and Uber in the past year, causing a 70% decline in ride growth rate since 2016.
  • Costs and Income: Ride costs have risen 25%, while driver income has decreased 35% since 2016, leading to economic challenges for the taxi industry.
  • Our ride-hailing platforms reduce commission rates and take only 9% for community purposes and confirmation payments.
  • Customers from rural and semi-urban areas will be charged fairly for their rides due to decentralized payments and ride fare bidding.
  • Drivers are not required to work full-time on the platform and can strategically use it to increase their earnings.
  • Non-Uber and Ola taxi and auto drivers can use modern technology to boost their income.
  • Our ride-hailing app on blockchain eliminates the need for customers to pay surge fees and wait long for taxis. There will be many drivers online, maintaining the demand-supply balance.
  • The government can better track taxes paid by local taxi and auto drivers.
  • Decentralization will lead to increased revenue for businesses.
  • Incentivized Participation
  1. The app notifies nearby drivers about the request, and up to four drivers can bid an optimal amount for the ride. The app displays all the bids for the user to review.
  2. The user selects a favorable bid, using the quick filter options to find the most convenient option. The user pays the confirmation fee to secure the ride.
  3. We have added bidding and crypto-payment processes to our app’s booking flow. To maintain a seamless user experience, we have introduced a quick ride request feature that keeps the payment and bidding processes hidden.
  • Drivers can receive up to 80% of the total taxi fare.
  • Our taxi fares are 23% lower than existing fares.
  • Users can choose from various reasonable price quotes for their rides.
  • There are no surge fees or convenience fees.
  • Crypto payments ensure fast and secure transactions.

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