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Is it profitable to buy Bitcoin with gift cards?

Before cryptocurrency came into being, gift cards already existed. Several exchange platforms allow traders to exchange one asset for the other. While this is good news, several traders are still skeptical about partaking in such an exchange. These traders are questioning the profitability of such trade, which is fair since the technology is relatively new. However, traders’ skepticism is not unique in gift cards, but this question must be answered.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency. It is an asset like gift cards, but it can increase in value faster than local currencies. Like every other cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is decentralized and without government control. To own Bitcoin, you must invest using cash, other cryptocurrencies, or gift cards.

The Exchange of Bitcoin for cash or gift cards for cash is the exchange that traders are more conversant with, so their questions are welcomed. If you are a gift card holder and want to transition into the crypto industry, your gift cards are the way to go.

The exchange’s profitability depends on the exchange platform you choose and the type of gift card you want to exchange since gift cards have different rates. If you’re trading an Amazon gift card for Bitcoin on a good exchange, the proceeds are usually high because the gift card has a high exchange rate. Your profits will be minimized if such an exchange is done on the wrong exchange platform with poor rates.

The profitability of the exchange also depends on what you do with Bitcoin. The beauty of Bitcoin and every other cryptocurrency is that you cannot predict their performance. If you HODL your Bitcoin on a platform like Binance until the rate of Bitcoin is higher, your profits will be increased. If not, you’ll get only the cash equivalent of what you bought.

Ultimately, the onus lies on you to make the right decision. Choose the best exchange platform for the exchange; choose Astro Africa, the best gift card exchange platform in Africa.

Where to sell gift cards for Bitcoin?

Choosing the best exchange platform is a challenging task, as several platforms exist. In making your decision, you must consider your trading expectations; you could even write them down. Ask yourself what you want and how much profit you intend to make, and then go ahead to choose a platform that can deliver.

Without wasting much of your time, very few exchange platforms are dedicated to ensuring that the needs of traders are always met. One such exchange platform is Astro Africa.

If you trade with Astro Africa, exchanging your gift cards for Bitcoin will be profitable because Astro Africa sells gift cards at the best rates. The rates you will find on Astro Africa are Chinese rates which makes it even more reliable. Gift card exchange rates are constantly changing, but Astro Africa always ensures that the rates are reasonable.

At Astro Africa, we prioritize the needs of our customers. Yes! Come into us all ye traders, and we will fulfill your trading needs! Our Amazing customer service team, instant payment, referral bonuses, and fortified security take us several steps toward fulfilling your trading dreams.

Astro Africa is available as both a website and a mobile app. You will get the same rates and features for whichever platform you decide to use. If you need proof of our spotless reputation and stellar services, read the glowing recommendations of our customers on review sites like Trust Pilot.

The platform is easy to use, and you can follow the steps below to become a registered user and sell your gift cards for Bitcoin.

  1. Visit the Astro Africa platform.
  2. Click on sign up and fill in the form. Click on submit to become a registered user.
  3. You’ll be redirected to your dashboard. The first thing you should do is add a Bitcoin wallet so that withdrawal is straightforward.
  4. Click on add account/MOMO to add a Bitcoin wallet.
  5. Click on sell gift cards to convert your gift card to Bitcoin.
  6. Fill in the required information on the form and click on submit to confirm the transaction.
  7. Astro Africa will verify your transaction, and you’ll get paid in less than 10 minutes.

Gift cards sold on Astro Africa

Amazon, Amex Gold, eBay, Google Play, iTunes, Nike, Nordstrom, One Vanilla, Sephora, Steam, Visa, Walmart and Sam’s Club, Apple Store, Razer Gold, and Target gift cards. These gift cards can be sold for naira, cedis, and cryptocurrency on Astro Africa.

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