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How to install Solidity Compiler in Ubuntu Linux

When deploying contracts, you should use the latest released version of Solidity. This is because breaking changes, as well as new features and bug fixes are introduced regularly.

Visit Solidity Documentation and check the installation process, As of 2023 Febuary, you can follow below guide.

Open your Ubuntu or Debian Linux terminal and use below commands to install it directly using apt : Recommended to use if you are using Windows then through WSL Linux or any other Linux system:

Installing Solidity compiler Solc in Ubuntu

Once you have installed, check the version to verify that solc has been installed properly:

Furthermore, some Linux distributions provide their own packages. For example, Arch Linux has packages for the latest development version:

In MacOS , solidity compiler can be installed through Homebrew as a build-from-source-version.

Sometimes, when you try to add external source of repositories. You have to use sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ethereum/ethereumto your Ubuntu machine to install solidity compiler solc , you might get error if the machine is a new installed system of Ubuntu.

repository add error on ubuntu

first you have to install software-properties-common using below command:

and accept by typing y,Once you’ve installed software-properties-common, you should update your system:

then you can continue the installation and adding the repository.

Remix is recommended for small contracts and for quick learning solidity just like I have showed in my other articles. Accessing Remix online, you do not need to install anything, just visit Remix website and you are good to go.

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