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Cointraffic Review — Manage all Your Ads in One Place!

Cryptocurrency has taken the world by storm, and as the industry continues to grow, so does the need for effective advertising.

Cryptocurrency advertising platforms like Cointraffic have become essential for promoting blockchain-based businesses and services to potential customers.

These platforms provide a space for advertisers to reach their target audience, raise brand awareness, and drive website traffic.

Therefore, in this Cointraffic review, we’d be going through all of the platform’s features and products and taking you through the steps to sign-up on the platform.

  1. Cointraffic Advertising Network has provided advanced advertising and monetization solutions for advertisers and publishers worldwide since 2014.
  2. Native advertising is the most engaging and least intrusive form of advertising, and Cointraffic ensures maximum conversion rates by using native ads: content integrated and notifications.
  3. Cointraffic offers a variety of banner formats to draw in the target market, available on both desktop and mobile.
  4. The platform maximizes the return on investment by combining all its Ad Formats and placing them in the most visible and high-rated locations.
  5. Cointraffic offers monetization for website owners, making it easy to choose and place relevant ads on their websites using different banner types.
  6. The platform also offers the distribution of crypto press releases, customized content-based campaigns, and comprehensive campaign statistics.
  7. Cointraffic provides flexibility and customization for publishers, allowing them to replace a website that does not meet their demands and use various ad formats on their web pages.
  8. Cointraffic’s supported ads include desktop and mobile pop-under ads, sticky banner ads, premium headers, in-page banner ads, and slide banner ads.
  9. Payment methods accepted by Cointraffic include bank transfers, credit cards, and cryptocurrencies.
  10. Cointraffic is an excellent option for publishers and advertisers looking to monetize their websites through targeted cryptocurrency ads, such as banner and pop-under ads, with a self-service interface for creating campaigns, choosing ad layouts, setting budgets, and reaching a targeted audience.


Since 2014, the most cutting-edge advertising and monetization solutions have been made available to advertisers and publishers worldwide by Cointraffic Advertising Network, a top cryptocurrency advertising network.

It’s pretty easy to use Cointraffic. You can sign up as a publisher to sell advertising positions or as an advertiser to buy cryptocurrency ads. Anyone can use our self-service tool to start serving ads or monetizing their cryptocurrency website in a matter of minutes.

Cointraffic can recognize and resolve the problems faced by ad network consumers thanks to its comprehensive awareness of market demands. They provide HTML5 banner creation solutions for marketers that usually lack the time needed to create in-house creatives. This strategy guarantees a hassle-free campaign launch while making the most of marketing resources.

  • Currently, native advertising is the most engaging and least intrusive type.
  • Cointraffic ensures the maximum conversion rate, using native ads to generate action-ready and pre-heated traffic.
  • Their numerous banner formats have been fully reviewed in order to draw in your target market.
  • Accessible on PC and mobile platforms, with the majority of the content displayed on the initial screen.
  • By combining all of their Ad Formats, they can maximize returns on investment.
  • They ensure the advertising formats are placed in the most visible and high-rated locations. This yields the highest CTR on the cryptocurrency market.


  • It’s simple to choose and place relevant ads on your websites due to the availability of a number of banner types.
  • Both desktop and mobile users will generate income for you, according to the CPM model.
  • You can focus on building your website instead of selling ads, and Cointraffic will take care of the monetization for you.
  • You can transfer your commission directly into your preferred bank account or Bitcoin wallet.
  • This platform helps cryptocurrency companies publicize their products and services while paying a fair fee.
  • They are always ready to implement a customized content-based campaign to satisfy your needs.
  • They can provide you with the latest and comprehensive campaign statistics due to their technology and internal best practices.
  • They will also keep you updated on your Press Release campaign results, enabling you to adjust your strategy.
  • Up to 10 different languages may be used to translate your press release.
  • With years of experience in the cryptocurrency marketing sector, their skilled team of PR specialists has learned how to overcome market obstacles.
  • Based on your demands their smart constructor creates a list of websites for your PR publication.
  • To help you develop a custom list of Publications that precisely match your PR goals, create a new campaign and specify the budget and specifications.


  • Desktop and mobile pop-under ads use pop-up advertisements to attract the audience’s attention and direct them to your targeted link.
  • Premium headers span the entire width of the user’s screen at the top of the page.
  • In-page banner ads are optimally placed for high brand exposure.
  • Sticky banners remain visible all of the time, even when a user is scrolling through the page
  • Slide banner ads display in the corner of the screen above the primary content, immediately capturing the audience’s attention.

Through the CoinGate system, Cointraffic takes bank transfers, credit cards, and cryptocurrency payments. Cryptocurrency payments can take up to one day, while bank transactions typically take 1- 4 working days. Mastercard and Visa both offer immediate payments.

Cointraffic is a great option for publishers looking to monetize their websites through targeted cryptocurrency ads such as banner and pop-under ads.

Getting approved on this network takes work, as Cointraffic has high-quality standards and only accepts cryptocurrency-related websites. In addition, you are allowed to use a range of ad formats on your web pages, such as pop-under and banner advertising.

Once the setup is complete, you’ll probably notice a rise in your earnings from using Cointraffic.


If a particular Publisher does not meet your demands, you are free to replace another website for anybody on the list. With approval, they can start producing and distributing data.

For advertisers looking to promote their business, Cointraffic offers a self-service interface where you can create a campaign, choose ad layouts, set a budget, and reach a targeted audience for maximum engagement and conversions.

Cointraffic also offers a quick campaign review and approval process. To commence, select the ad layouts you want to use using the Cointraffic self-service interface.

  • By entering your details, and being approved become an advertiser on Cointraffic.
  • Create a new campaign on your chosen platform after you have confirmed your email address.
  • Select the appropriate ad format.
  • Complete the details for the ad category you have selected.
  • You can decide whether to start the campaign directly after approval or to run it regularly. Choose your preferred choice, then press “Submit Campaign” for approval.
  • Add balance to your account
  • Launch your campaign.


With the right advertising strategy and platform, cryptocurrency businesses can establish themselves as credible players in the market, build their customer base, and ultimately drive revenue. Therefore, it is crucial to have reliable and efficient cryptocurrency advertising platforms to support the growth and success of the industry.

In native advertising, the ads replicate the appearance, feel, and functionality of the media format they display. They blend in and “natively” on the website.

Cointraffic does not accept advertising from HYIPs or other profit-guaranteed companies to preserve the integrity and effectiveness of their advertising network. Additionally, they only accept publishers with websites with high traffic quality or unrelated content.

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