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ArbitPad: The Future of Decentralized Funding

As Decentralized Finance (DeFi) continues to grow, there is a need for new crypto projects to offer more products that will bolster the ecosystem. However, over the last 12 months, several crypto projects have collapsed. This has reduced investors’ confidence and trust in the crypto market, which has affected how crypto projects receive funding to operate their protocols.

Fortunately, a new project called ArbitPad is coming onto the scene. The platform promises to revolutionize how crypto projects raise funds and benefit investors. ArbitPad aims to make it easier for founders and developers to raise money by providing a decentralized launchpad and other DeFi services that enable early-stage projects to connect with investors directly. This way, the fundraising process can be more transparent and secure.

What is ArbitPad?

ArbitPad is a decentralized platform that offers launchpad and staking services. The project is built on the Ethereum layer-2 network Arbitrum, which has been in the spotlight of leading blockchains in the past month.
ArbitPad seeks to shake things up on Arbitrum by unveiling a platform that eases the process for early-stage projects to sprout. It is possible through the in-built smart contract functionality, user-friendly UI/UX, node integration, and interoperability with other decentralized applications (dApps).

What Does ArbitPad Have to Offer?


ArbitPad runs an initial DEX offering (IDO) program that onboards crypto projects into its ecosystem through its in-house launchpad gateway.

Launchpad, also called a crypto incubator, is a platform that houses new crypto projects by connecting them with investors, thereby supporting the financial growth of these projects.

Crypto projects are mandated to lock a portion of their raised funds into ArbitPad as they attract crowdfunding from investors on the platform. These locked funds only get released when the team attains certain achievements.

With the funds locked into a smart contract, it becomes difficult for incubated projects to perform fraudulent acts such as rug pulls. It also serves as a contingency plan should the project fail at the incubation stage. For this reason, ArbitPad claims that its launchpad is insured, as early investors are exposed to minimal risks.

Investors can deposit their funds in ether (ETH) or ARB, Arbitrum’s governance token, to partake in the IDO, allowing flexibility. Holders of APD tokens, the utility currency of the ArbitPad ecosystem, have priority access to “certain allocations of token sales of the projects launched” on the ArbitPad launchpad.

Staking and Farming

Crypto staking is a process that allows users to lock their funds in a proof-of-stake protocol to support the network’s security while being rewarded in a certain cryptocurrency.

In ArbitPad’s case, long-term APD holders receive crypto rewards proportional to their stakes for supporting the platform’s growth.

APD Tokenomics

APD serves as the native currency that powers the ArbitPad ecosystem. APD holders have voting rights on governance proposals. Token holders also enjoy access to platform services such as its IDO program. In addition, the cryptocurrency covers transaction fees on the platform.

Arbitpad presale to early adopters is going on, and users can find out how to partake in the presale by visiting the Arbitpad website.

APD has a total supply of 100,000,000 tokens. Here’s a breakdown of the token distribution.

Team: 7,000,000 tokens, with a six-month cliff.
Advisors & Strategic Partners: 3,000,000 tokens, with a two-month cliff
Marketing: 2,000,000 tokens, locked for two months.
Liquidity: 18,000,000 tokens, locked until APD gets listed on centralized exchanges.
Staking: 10,000,000 tokens, with 50% claimable within the next five months.
Rewards Presale: 20,000,000 tokens, claimable after the presale ends.
Public Sale: 40,000,000 tokens, claimable after the public sale ends.

The tokenomics of the asset also entails a burn mechanism, which helps to reduce its circulating supply and increase its value. The protocol also implements a buy-back process using the funds generated from incubated projects to achieve the same purpose as the burn model.


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