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Addicted to gambling and lost 4 projects

There was a report today that the founder of the NFT project Goobers was addicted to gambling, misappropriated investors’ funds, and lost all his assets.

In addition to Goobers, its entrepreneurial projects also include Gridcraft, CluCoin, Xenia, etc.

Goobers NFT

After the news fermented, the floor price of GooberNFT fell to 0.016ETH, and Clucoin, an encryption project focusing on charity systems, plummeted, and the price of CLU fell by more than 73.5%.

Once you get into gambling, it is as deep as the sea, and once you get addicted, it will basically return to zero.

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Goobers Founder Misappropriates Investor Funds and Loses It

Looking at the founder DNP3’s Twitter, with 630,000 fans, he sent a “sorry” and a long tweet link.

He was told that he was addicted to gambling, got deeper and deeper, and was completely bankrupt financially and mentally. He took out all the funds from several projects to gamble because he wanted to win back.

In short, he made a mistake, and the investor’s money was gone.

“I’m sorry”, obviously there is no way to make up for the user’s loss, but I don’t know if he still has the ability to repay and what kind of legal sanctions he will face.

a sorry is not enough

At present, the CLU community has exploded, and investors are watching their investment in vain, but there is nothing they can do.

Many people are optimistic about DNP3’s personal ability and charm, but once a personal problem occurs, it is difficult to revive the project.

CluCoin drops more than 75%

This time, we can’t blame the bad crypto market. Gambling itself is a point of no return. Once you get addicted to it, it’s hard to get out.

From a small gamble at the beginning, to a bigger gamble, I want to make more profits when I win, and want to win back when I lose money, and finally sink deeper and deeper.

I don’t know when DNP3 became addicted to it. Judging from the past of its project, it has also made some achievements.

Gridcraft is a metaverse project, users earn $BITS in the game, buy land, cosmetics, and build a metaverse world in the game;

CluCoin focuses on charitable projects and aims to help charities around the world. It has good intentions, but it has also been lost.

Gridcraft is a pixel-like metaverse world

In the crypto world, contracts are also a point of no return.

I saw a player before who lost 600,000 yuan playing the contract, and it was cashed out by credit card.

The contract is also a gamble. Although there are only two outcomes in the market, ups and downs, if you make a profit, you will be safe, and if you lose, you have to increase your position and continue to carry it, and it will eventually return to zero.

There is also a player in the group who entered the encryption world last year and started playing with contracts, and the more he played, the bigger he became.

He lost 50 million yuan in a few months, and it happened around me.

The ultimate test of playing contracts is human nature, but the weakness of human nature is difficult to overcome, and basically no one can successfully leave the market with a balance;

It is possible that 1 million will become 10 million, and finally return to zero, with a huge gap.

GooberNFT’s game

There is also the 19-year-old Liangxi who made his space debut in October and received a reward of 100,000 US dollars;he was lost all in less than 2 months.

Not only did his wallet return to zero, but his body and mind were also ruined. It is a pity that he was already sick and coughing up blood at such a young age.

A few days ago, SOL fell below $10 and fell to 8. Some people thought that SOL was going to return to zero, and opened short one after another.

As a result, the daily line rose for 6 consecutive days, up 78%, and those who opened short were once again liquidated.

After that, whether SOL will rise all the way or continue to fall, no one can guess. There are too many real cases around us, and the result of playing contracts is only zero.

SOL rose 78% in a row on the 6th

The encryption market is running at high speed, and the speed of making money and losing money is magnified dozens of times or hundreds of times.

Benefits and risks always appear at the same time. If you want 10 times the chance, first default to zero, and try with the results you can afford.

In addition to high-risk projects, there are many other opportunities, down-to-earth, and potentially profitable.

The above is just my personal opinion, no investment advice.I’m Chuxiaolian, and I’m paying attention to Metaverse and web3.

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