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A Bird has chirped: 9 Powerful Reasons the Cardinal Defeats the Bear — Start the Bull Run with an…

No matter how high a bear can climb, the Cardinal flies higher. A bear always faces the ground, while the Cardinal always wants to go higher. While a bear has to make itself “comfortable” in caves or crevices to survive the crypto winter, the Cardinal has its home: Cardinal House. Everyone is welcome here, be it someone who has his first encounters with crypto, who is already an experienced investor, who likes to exchange ideas about crypto, who is planning his next investments or who would love to learn more.

Symbolic representation of how the cardinal will conquer the bear

Enough of zoology, you have clicked on this article to learn why the cardinal is superior to the bear. Well, it has to do with the Cardinal House project. While other projects have fallen asleep forever during the crypto winter, Cardinal House instead manages to create more momentum. It’s been a hard and rocky road to get here, whether it was launching a token and then shutting it down or taking wrong paths that needed correction. It is always said that the road to success is not a straight line, but full of curves, hurdles, and detours. In any case, all signs are now set for success and that is exactly why I would like to introduce you to the private area: The Cardinal Crew — 9 reasons to join the crew.

What actually is Cardinal House? In short: Cardinal House is a community that is a one stop shop for all parties in crypto. They provide innovative projects a platform to get in front of like-minded crypto investors, and they are passionate about helping people make more educated decisions when investing into a cryptocurrency.

Enjoy the perks!

If you’re not already sold on Cardinal Crew because of the team and the mission, you definitely will be after these 10 reasons:

1. Trading — Cardinal Chirps & Lessons

Daily trading signals (here Cardinal Chirps) are shown for a bunch of possible coins (BTC, ETH, XRP, MATIC, AAVE, …), which can be used as a starting point for successful trades. A profit of +40% on single-trades is hereby no rarity. However, you should not blindly trust every Cardinal Chirp and let your own trading experience flow into it. In a separate channel the staff and the community writes daily about trading, how you can develop yourself and grow with your trades. There are also weekly live lessons where tips, tricks and avoidable mistakes are shown to be successful in what you’re doing.

Example screenshot of some Cardinal Chirps

2. Trading Bot

The Trading Bot is still somewhat under lock and key and is currently in the beta testing phase. The profit after the first 14 days is 35% after 13 trades. It is therefore assumed that there will be something 1 trade/day, which uses a maximum leverage of 10%. In any case, in February there will be the possibility to buy into the trades proportionally via a Node Runner NFT.

Through Node Runner, investors have the opportunity to buy into more “expensive” matters, such as Nodes, high cost NFTs, miners or similar for the fraction of the cost. NFTs are provided at a respective share of 100 USDC, which can be purchased when minting opens. The monthly profit is then claimable for the holders of the NFTs directly from the Cardinal House website. The community is consulted and voted on beforehand as to whether and when an investment should be made. In this way, you can be sure that the NFTs will be sold out. The last investments were two times a DAG Constellation Node from Constellation Network and a Bridge Miner from CryptoLink. The Node Runner NFTs were sold out in within minutes and the only requirements are: Be a member of the Cardinal Crew and be on time. Especially talented Crew members can also submit their designs for the upcoming NFT each time to earn extra rewards.

4. Educational Workshops

Workshops on various topics are held on a weekly basis. Be it the coding of a smart contract, the creation of NFTs or the creation of a token. Depending on the topic, there are of course several parts, as it is possible to dive very deeply into any topic. This gives you a very good understanding of what to look out for in other projects, since the contracts of projects should actually be publicly available

5. Crypto Tax Consultation

As a Crew Member you have the unique opportunity to arrange a consultation for your Crypto-taxes. This lasts about 30 minutes and you at least get an impression of how you can make your taxes and what to look out for. A package can be booked optionally with the partner Darien Advisors.

6. Project Research Reports

Project Research Reports are written about interesting projects, or Crew Members ask for them and a report is made. These reports help to get a quick overview of a project. Of course, this report is written subjectively and does not replace your own research. However, it is very useful and it gives you an insight into a project that you might want to look at in detail, which you haven’t thought of yet.
A report follows the basic structure of team/security, whitepaper — overall idea/concept, roadmap/use cases, community, conclusion and tips. Each category (except conclusion and tips) is further divided into facts and analysis.

Excerpt from the report about Shimmer (Conclusion & Tips)

7. Post AMA Calls

Cardinal House holds several AMA’s weekly on Discord or Twitter with very interesting projects (previously selected). As a Crew Member you have the advantage to talk to the staff and other members in a private round after the AMA. In the best case, the founder/leader of the guest project will also have some time left and it can go into more detail in a smaller round. Here you are not forced to ask your questions over the microphone, text chat can also be used here.

8. Daily Alpha Announcements

Explosive topics relating to the crypto market are summarized daily. This can be about the overall market situation or smaller projects that are of interest to Crew Members. This way you might have a small advantage over others, should things look a bit worse with a project in which you might have invested. In addition you save a lot of time.

9. The People

Indisputable and for me personally one of the strongest points. The community and the people in the Crew. For the moment there are about 60 members who enrich the crypto everyday life daily. You learn a lot from each other and everyone is enormously helpful. You can talk about anything that happens in crypto space, because every crew member is available to give advice and support to others in their area of knowledge.

Now you might be wondering why i only gave 9 reasons? The 10th IS YOU, the new member of the Crew: pure enrichment!

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